Sixth Grave on the Edge (Charley Davidson, #6) by Darynda Jones


Title: Sixth Grave on the Edge
Series: Charley Davidson
Author: Darynda Jones

Few things in life can come between a grim reaper and her coffee, but the sexy, sultry son of Satan is one of them. Now that Reyes Farrow has asked for her hand, Charley Davidson feels it’s time to learn more about his past, but Reyes is reluctant to open up. When the official FBI file of his childhood abduction lands in her lap, Charley decides to go behind her mysterious beau’s back and conduct her own investigation. Because what could go wrong?

Unfortunately, another case has fallen into her lap – one with dangerous implications. Some very insistent men want Charley to hunt down a witness who is scheduled to testify against their boss, a major player in the local crime syndicate. If Charley doesn’t come up with an address in 48 hours, the people closest to her will start to disappear.

Add to that a desperate man in search of the soul he lost in a card game, a dogged mother determined to find the ghost of her son, and a beautiful, young deaf boy haunted by his new ability to see the departed as clearly as he sees the living, and Charley has her hands full. The fact that Reyes has caught on to her latest venture only adds fuel to the inferno that he is. Good thing for Charley she’s used to multi-tasking and always up for a challenge… especially when that challenge comes in the form of Reyes Farrow.

“Oh, my. What a lovely shade of bitch you’re wearing today.”

“He turned the corner and flipped me off at the same time. See? Men could multitask. I was so proud of him.”

“How does Reyes feel about him?“
“He would rip out his spine if I let him.”
She patted my knee. “I would expect nothing less from the son of evil incarnate. He’s a good guy.”

Sometimes I write “drink coffee” on my to-do list just to feel like I’ve accomplished something.

“Tequila often gave people the desire to tackle the impossible. It did not, however, make impossible possible”

“He was angry with me once again. Men and their mood swings. Women had nothing on them.”

Cookie saw him, too. “Holy mother of all things sexy,” she said, her eyes drinking him in.
“Right there with ya.”

“…people can’t handle guilt. Their minds won’t let them for very long. So they make up excuses. Excuses work like a salve, allaying the guilt, letting you forget the real problem.”

I stretched as those three little words that every girl longs to hear slipped from his mouth with effortless ease. As though they did it every day. As Though they didn’t mean the world to me. With one corner of his mouth tipping sensually, he asked, “Want some coffee?”
And I fell. I fell hard.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Charley ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Reyes ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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